AEG 47132MM-MN Dual Fuel Cooker – Stainless Steel Graded

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Relish in the benefits of both gas and electric cooking with the AEG 47132MM-MN Dual Fuel Cooker, complete with catalytic oven liners for easier oven maintenance.

Flexible dual fuel

This 60 cm-wide AEG cooker accommodates two generously-sized ovens and a responsive four-burner gas hob to meet all your culinary needs.

On the hob, four different sized burners will provide you with plenty of room to position your pots and pans. Enamel pan supports provide great durability and keep everything safely in place while you’re cooking

The AEG 47132MM-MN also hosts two electric ovens, one fanned and one conventional, which deliver even heat, letting you make use of all of the shelves inside.

Ample oven space

The main, large cavity on the AEG 47132MM-MN Cooker offers 74 litres of space, while the second cavity is ideal for side dishes or deserts with an additional 35 litres.

This dual fuel cooker also benefits from a variable electric grill in the top cavity, providing you with a healthier way to prepare breakfast items or meats.

Features for convenience

The AEG 47132MM-MN Dual Fuel Cooker helps keep your home safe with flame safety cut-out mechanisms on all burners. If a flame is extinguished accidently, the gas supply is immediately shut-off to prevent accidents.

Both oven cavities feature catalytic liners that oxidise grease and food debris when the oven reaches 230°C, making it easy to wipe away the resulting ash with a damp cloth. These liners make light work of regular oven maintenance.

What’s more, the 47132MM-MN cooker features a glass hob lid to protect your kitchen tiles from grease and spills during the cooking process.



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