AEG BEB351010W Electric Oven Steam Bake White Graded

£399.95 £299.95


– Great baking results with SteamBake

– Fully programmable timer to help you stay in control

– Enamel lining for simpler cleaning

– Multifunctional oven for a variety of cooking applications

Great baking results

Enhance your cooking experience with SteamBake. By adding water to the embossed cavity located at the bottom of the oven you can achieve delicious tasting results when baking your favourite cakes.

Fully programmable timer

Remain in control of your food with the fully programmable timer, helping you cook your dishes to perfection.


This AEG BEB351010W Single Oven features a diamond glazed enamel interior, making the cavity durable and easy to clean.

Multifunctional oven

This multifunctional oven offers nine functions including Conventional cooking, Turbo grilling and True fan cooking PLUS. Enjoy a variety of hot air by selecting the ideal oven setting to accomplish the best outcome.


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