AEG CIB6740ACM 60 cm Electric Induction Cooker Graded

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  • Width: 60 cm
  • Two electric ovens
  • Integrated electric grill
  • 4-zone electric induction hob
  • Main oven cleaning: Catalytic liners

  • – SteamBake makes baked goods tastier- Induction hob is quick to heat and easy to clean- Catalytic liners make the inside of the ovens easy to keep clean- Fan heating spreads the heat around the oven evenlySteamBakeGet the perfect crust with SteamBake. Baked goods and pastries in the AEG  60 cm Electric Cooker will be treated to a burst of steam, which creates a perfect golden crust that doesn’t become too crunchy. Muffins and bread will also benefit, keeping that extra bit of moistness that makes them so tasty.

    Beyond baking, the same steam that leaves a golden shine on pastries can spruce up a Sunday Roast. Steam your favourite vegetables to lock in nutrients and boost flavour, or create a succulent and moist joint of lamb for everyone to tuck in to.

    Induction hob

    The induction hob doesn’t just heat the surface and wait for a pan. It heats the pan itself, and does so quickly. You can switch back and forth from boiling to simmering in moments, and the flat surface is easy to clean too.

    Catalytic liners

    Stains and grease won’t be able to set into the walls of the AEG CIS6741ECM, so there’s no need to scrub. A simple wipe-down will collect all of the residue, leaving the cooker spotless every time.

    Fan heating

    You don’t have to remember which is the “good” shelf, because the fan-assisted main oven will keep the entire cavity at the same temperature.


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