AEG DC4013001M Built-In Double Electric Oven GRADED

£649.95 £449.95


The AEG DC4013001M is a high performance double oven offering a multifunction main oven and a conventional second oven. Retractable rotary controls make it easy to choose between 8 main oven functions and 5 top oven functions. With catalytic liners in both ovens and an anti-fingerprint stainless steel, the DC4013001M will fit seamlessly into your kitchen.

Greater efficiency for better cooking
This double oven is the perfect product for an efficient kitchen, increasing your cooking capacity without wasting space.

Heat activated catalytic cleaning
Catalytic coatings to the top and sides of the oven absorb the grease from cooking and with regular heating to 220°C the grease residue is burned away.

Isofront® double glazed doors
Multi-layered glass panes, with heat reflective coating keeps the heat in the oven.

Fan controlled defrosting
Suitable for delicate items such as cream cakes, this light defrost circulates room temperature air around the food slowly, defrosting it hygienically in less than half the time.

Retractable controls for a flush finish and easy cleaning
Stylish retractable controls for a flush finish and easy cleaning.

Low door temperature for safe interaction
Thanks to the Isofront® Plus door, the outside of the oven door is kept at a low temperature securing safe interaction.

Higher performance and more energy efficient
The Hot Air Fan System ensures hot air circulates evenly throughout the oven cavity, for a cooking process that is faster, and more energy efficient.


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