AEG DCS431110M SurroundCook Double Built In Electric Oven Graded


AEG DCS431110M SurroundCook Double Built In Electric Oven Graded


Cook evenly and thoroughly with the AEG DCS431110M Double Built In Electric Oven.

There’s plenty of space in both cavities of this appliance, which integrates into a fitted kitchen where it must be positioned at eye level.

An interior light in each oven makes for great visibility and, as they are above a worktop, there’s no need for bending down to reach inside.

Both compartments can serve as an oven or grill, the latter full width so covers the entire top area and can be performed with the door open or closed.

Conventional top and bottom heat, for baking and roasting, is available in either oven or pick from hot air emanating from the roof or base alone.

Standard or fast grilling is also available in the top section, which has a usable capacity of 43 litres. These two modes and a turbo grilling option are in the 61-litre oven.

There’s a stainless steel fan inside the bigger oven, which takes the warmth produced and circulates it to all areas with even distribution.

This enables true fan cooking, which wraps around the heating element to produce pre-heated hot air, and defrosting, that speeds up the thawing process through cold air.

The catalytic cleaning function is heat activated, where temperatures of up to 220 degrees oxidise the grease and food spills absorbed by the enamel liners.

Both ovens are A rated for energy efficiency, with estimated consumption of 0.78 kWh and 0.94 kWh respectively per cycle in conventional mode.

The LED digital display includes a programmable timer that serves the main cavity, where cooking tasks can be pre-planne