AEG DEB331010M SurroundCook Double Built In Electric Oven Graded

£559.95 £379.95


– Multifunction oven provides a range of cooking options

– Easy-clean enamel helps you keep your oven in top condition

– Surround Cook helps every part of your dish receive consistent heat

Multifunction oven

Cook with the benefits of a range of functions, including fan assisted, grilling, and more, with the AEG DEB331010M Electric Double Oven.

You can combine functions such as oven cooking plus grill and make use of both ovens at once for versatile cooking.

Easy-clean enamel

With an easy-clean enamel interior, both ovens are easy to wipe down once cool, helping to keep your new oven in brilliant working condition.

Surround Cook

Every part of your dish receives consistent heat thanks to Surround Cook, so there’s no worry about crispy outsides and cold insides when you’re whipping up tasty meals.