AEG IKB64401FB 60cm Four Zone Induction Hob Graded

£329.95 £249.95



Access multiple cooking levels quickly with the efficient AEG IKB64401FB Induction Hob.

A total of 15 settings are spread over the four zones that make up the hob, with LED direct touch controls that get to work almost instantly.

The appliance is operated through electric, that creates a magnetic field under the unit’s ceramic surface that performs swiftly (induction pans are needed).

PowerBoost button boils water in just 90 seconds, which is faster than most kettles. The AutoMax mode brings the temperature to its maximum level and then returns it to the previous power.

The hob is easy to clean, as the surface around each area doesn’t heat up as you cook which reduces the chance of tough stains. A simple wipe, with a damp cloth, and most blemishes are gone.

Safety is also of great importance and duly considered with this hob, which has a child lock and automatic switch off function. The adjustable timer goes up to a maximum of 99 minutes.