AEG RMB76311NX American-Style Fridge Freezer – Silver & Stainless Steel Graded

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Top features:

– Pour yourself a cold glass of water with an in-door dispenser

– No more manual defrosting with a No Frost freezer

– Even cooling and fresher storage with Dynamic Air technology

– Smooth looks and control with touch buttons

– Adjustable temperature drawer to preserve fresh items for longer

In-door dispenser

Feel like a refreshing glass of cold water? The AEG RMB76311NX American-Style Fridge Freezer features an in-door water dispenser so you can pour yourself a chilled drink whenever you like. It’s not plumbed, giving you more positioning flexibility – just top up the internal tank regularly.

No Frost freezer

You won’t need to manually defrost this freezer. No Frost technology saves on mess, time and hassle by preventing ice from accumulating. You’ll always be able to use all the available storage space, and your food will be kept in better condition.

Even cooling and fresher storage

By ensuring consistent airflow inside the fridge, Dynamic Air technology keeps temperatures consistent across every shelf to keep your groceries fresh.

Smooth looks and control

Enjoy a fridge freezer that works as smoothly as it looks. The AEG RMB76311NX features touch controls for effortless setting adjustments. They add a slick look to your kitchen too.

Adjustable temperature drawer

Take advantage of the chiller drawer – you can adjust its temperature to 0, 3 or 5%u1D52C to store meat, vegetables or fruit. Seal in goodness, texture and taste. It’s great when you want to keep the hero ingredients of a meal in the best possible conditions for cooking or serving.


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