AEG T8DEE945R 8000 Series Condenser Dryer with Heat Pump Technology Graded


AEG T8DEE945R 8000 Series Condenser Dryer with Heat Pump Technology Graded



Condenser tumble dryers provides a versatile answer to drying your clothes, especially if you’re home isn’t suitable for vented drying. The AEG T8DEE945R 8000 Series Condenser Dryer with Heat Pump Technology is an ideal appliance, helping to reduce energy consumption while delicately drying your clothes.

Designed by AEG, this dryer has a 9kg capacity with multiple programmes to choose from. It features the ÖKOFlow Filter System which is an extremely efficient filter that is easily accessible to clean and maintain. This filter helps to dry every load as effortlessly as possible to maintain its effectiveness.

Use the Logicontrol touch LCD to set your desired programme and keep track of the amount of time left on the cycle. If you want your dryer to begin later that day, select the Delay Start Timer which allows you to choose when you want your clothes to be dried. This is perfect if you want the cycle complete for when you get home from work.

Don’t let your kitchen layout and other appliances affect where you install your tumble dryer. This model has a reversible door meaning you can open the unit on the left- or right-hand side.

Kitted out with Heat Pump Technology; hot air is used to remove moisture from your clothes. This technology helps to conserve energy, reusing hot air rather than releasing it the way a standard dryer would.

AEG Dryer Features

AEG have installed top of the range technology inside this tumble dryer, ensuring your clothes are protected and your bills are kept as low as possible.

The bespoke AbsoluteCare® system has been designed to precisely control the movement and temperature of the drying drum. Every fabric gets just the right movement and temperature to dry it while preserving its quality and feel.

This pairs hand in hand with ProSense technology which uses advanced sensors to adjust the drying time for each load. SensiDry uses these same sensors and draws moisture out of fabrics at half the temperature of a conventional dryer. It does this to ensure your fabrics are never subject to unnecessary heat to prevent shrinkage