Beko ASGN542X American Style Fridge Freezer Stainless Steel

£949.95 £799.95


This deluxe double door, side-by-side model comes with a handy water dispenser and an ice maker with absolutely no plumbing required, so that you can enjoy cool drinks and refreshments at the touch of a button!

Combining size with lots of clever features, this A+ energy efficiency rated American-style fridge freezer boasts automatic defrosting and special NeoFrost technology to help control humidity levels for perfectly preserved food. It uses 2 separate cooling systems to maintain optimal humidity and freshness, faster cooling in the fridge, and a dry environment in the freezer so ice won’t build up.

What’s more, 2 separate cooling systems means odours won’t transfer between the fridge and freezer, keeping your food tasting fresh and smelling fresh too.

Open the double doors to reveal separate fridge and freezer sections, each offering plenty of generous storage space for all your family’s favourites. We love the chiller section in the fridge, which keeps meat and fish fresh at around 0ºC.

Complete with side LED lighting for maximum energy efficiency, the Beko ASGN542X also comes with an external LED display that puts control at your fingertips. An alarm also warns you if one of the doors hasn’t been shut properly.

  • Depth: 72 CM
  • Energy Rating: A+
  • EverFresh+® crisper drawer delays the ripening process, keeps your fruit and veg fresh for up to 30 days
  • Neofrost technology
  • Non Plumbed water and ice dispenser for chilled ice and water on tap
  • The Odour filter helps to eliminate smells keeping the air ciruclated in the fridge fresh
  • Chiller compartment offers a hygienic and perfect environment for your produce at a low temperature around 0ºC
  • Advanced electronic touch control LED display. Allows you to control everything without opening the doors
  • Air Flow Cooling vents in the fridge and freezer maintain an even temperature on every shelf
  • Door Open Alarm. In case you’ve forgotten to shut your appliance’s door
  • The chrome wire rack can store up to five 2-litre soft drink bottles or wine bottles
  • The side LED lighting illuminates each shelf offering brighter, more durable & energy efficient lighting
  • Height: 179 CM
  • Number of Drawers: 2
  • Number of Shelves: 3
  • Plumbing Required: N
  • Reversible Door: N
  • Total Net Capacity: 544
  • Width: 91 CM