Beko ASL141X Stainless Steel Frost Free American Fridge Freeze

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The Beko ASL141X American style fridge freezer from Beko offers a host of great features that will keep all your tasty produce nutritious and fresh.

Spacious Advanced Chilling

The ASL141X has lots of great storage space for all your chilled and frozen produce. A cavernous 368 litre capacity in the fridge offers four adjustable shelves, three drawer compartments and ample door storage for bottles, eggs and cheese. 190 litres of storage is available in the freezer, with five shelves and two drawers to arrange all your frozen goods. There is even door storage for regularly used favourites.

Beko offer advanced chilling with the ASL141X. NeoFrost Technology locks in nutrients more effectively than conventional freezing. This is done through the use of two separate fans and evaporators that reduce odour transfer between the fridge and freezer, and maintain humidity to preserve maximum freshness.

Air vents located on each shelf level ensure even air circulation, keeping temperatures consistent throughout the appliance. This Air Flow Cooling also helps rapidly chill the appliance after the door has been opened, ensuring all food inside is kept at just the right temperature.

The fridge has a handy chiller compartment, with temperatures maintained around 0 degrees Celsius. This makes it perfect for storing cooked and fresh meats and fish, where the colder environment locks in nutrients and ensures maximum freshness.

Handy Extra Features

The ASL141X removes the hassle of manually defrosting the freezer, with Frost Free technology. This prevents ice forming and clogging up your appliance.

A handy wine rack securely holds four full size bottles, freeing up valuable space in your door for cartons of juice and milk.

Going on holiday can often be problematic for your fridge freezer, but the ASL141X is ideally suited to keep your food fresh while you are away. Beko has equipped the appliance with a Holiday Mode feature, which puts the ASL141X into an energy saving mode which saves you money, while maintaining a constant temperature inside.

The ASL141X comes with a Fast Freeze setting that quickly freezes your produce after a trip to the shops, which is important for locking in nutrients and freshness. There is a similar Quick Cool setting for the fridge, rapidly chilling food inside and preserving the delicious fresh flavours.

LED lighting helps you find all your tasty food, and with transparent shelves and doors you can see everything clearly. Spend less time rummaging around and more time cooking.

An impressive A+ energy efficiency rating rounds off the Beko ASL141X, which will save you money and reduce your impact on the environment.


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