Bexel BR82W Larder Fridge



The Bexel BR82W is the perfect option for those whom need a slim larder fridge but who don’t want to pass on performance. At a slim, compact size of 45cm this larder fridge will fit seamlessly into small households, holiday homes or caravans.

With a generous 82 litre capacity there is enough room inside of the BR82W for a week’s groceries. The interior of your BR82W is set out conventionally – boasting two glass shelves and additional storage compartments inside of the door, the BR82W really makes the most of the space it has and helps you to organise your groceries as best as possible.

With an A+ rating the BR82W is not only superb value for size and performance but will also help you cut down on energy bills, additionally the BR28W also runs at a 42DB(A) noise level; running not only on as little energy as possible, but as quiet as possible.


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