CANDY CBTDH7A1TBE-80 Integrated 7kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer

CANDY CBTDH7A1TBE-80 Integrated 7kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer


The Candy CBTD H7A1TBE-80 NFC Integrated 7 kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer comes with an NFC smart touch feature, so you can download additonal programs and tailor the appliance to suit your needs. Use your Android smartphone to check up on the cycle, and get the exact level of dryness you want for your fabrics.

Save money on your bills

The CBTD H7A1TBE-80 Tumble Dryer is the ideal cost-cutting solution for your energy bills thanks to its heat pump technology, which heats the air inside the drum without an electrical heater and removes moisture from the clothes. This uses less energy, which contributes to the dryer’s A+ energy rating – you can hang on to your cash when the utilities bill comes around.

The water reservoir is built right into the door of the appliance, making it easy to see when the water needs emptying.

For even more savings, take advantage of the delay timer. You can set when you want your cycle to start in advance, so you can enjoy cheaper energy rates without staying up to odd hours of the night.

Sensor dry technology

Enjoy a quality dry for your clothes with sensor dry technology. The KG detector measures the weight of the fabrics inside the drum and adjusts the time, water, and electricity used for the cycle accordingly. You can also decide exactly how dry you want your clothes by selecting between the four drying levels. This means you can shorten the time your delicates need to air dry, or have your clothes ready for the ironing board right away.

Ironing is also easier than ever. The Super Easy Iron program alternates the movements of the drum to reduce folds and tangles – look your best with minimal effo