CDA ECP72SS 70cm Chimney Hood


CDA ECP72SS 70cm Chimney Hood



The CDA ECP72SS 70cm Chimney Hood provides proper ventilation, so you can enjoy a healthy kitchen environment. It features a modern curved glass stainless steel design and 3 speeds which can be changed using the push button control. This gives you the choice of a low, medium, or high extraction speed according to the dish that you are cooking. Thus, ensuring that you can keep your kitchen fresh every day.

Benefits of the CDA ECP72SS 70cm Chimney Hood

  • Use it as an extraction or recirculation hood
  • A contemporary design with stainless steel finish
  • Aluminium filters are discrete and can be removed easily
  • The cooking surface is illuminated with LED lights
  • Push button control enables you to select the extraction rate that you requir