Culina Single Built In Gas Oven


2 Year warranty

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Get to grips with gas when cooking with the specific Culina UBGMMT60GF Single Built in Gas Oven.This appliance is solely gas powered for both its oven and grill setting, with a usable capacity of 60 litres that’s just right for a single oven.The one shelf in the main compartment is best positioned in the middle when using the oven, where the heating element will rise from underneath.This is effective for home baking when making anything that needs to rise, such as bread and puff pastry, and for crisping the base of a pizza.The grill function, conversely, comes from the roof of the cavity. This conventional method is tried and tested for searing certain steaks, bacon and sausages.The gas flame automatically ignites from the top and bottom of the oven and there’s a Flame Failure Safety Device, which can cut itself off if there’s a fault.The oven functions are accessed by one of two control dials, which includes an interior light. The other is for temperature adjustment.