Culina Single Built In Electric Oven Stainless Steel

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2 year warranty

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You’ll have all bases covered with the Culina UBEMF610 Single Built In Electric Oven.This is a fanned oven with heating elements at the bottom, top and coiled around the fan itself, for all sorts of culinary possibilities.The latter option enables true fan cooking, where the heat wraps around the fan to produce hot air that blows all around the cavity.Base and roof heat combined is a conventional method which, with this appliance, can be fan assisted, where the heat produced is circulated around the compartment.A base-only function generates heat from the bottom, which rises to ccok the contents from beneath and is effective at browning the base of a pizza or pastry case.There’s also a defrost option, which releases cold rather than hot air, and an interior light that can be turned on even if the oven isn’t in use.There are two double grilling choices, with or without the fan, the latter best suited to food that shouldn’t be turned, such as delicate pieces of fish.These features can be accessed through simple clicks on one of two control dials, with the other for setting the temperature.There are two shelves, with five positions, inside the appliance, which has 58 litres of usable capacity that is around average for a single oven.

More benefits of the Culina UBEMF610 Single Built In Electric Oven

  • Installation of this product is made easy by a slim depth of just 530mm.
  • digital timer can be set to take over the duration of the cooking process.
  • The double-glazed inner door glass can be removed for cleaning purposes.
  • This model is A rated for energy efficiency, so won’t use much electricity.
  • five-year warranty on all parts, with two-years for labour, is guaranteed.


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