Beko 8KG Condensor Dryer




Be smart with your laundry tasks by using the Beko DTGC8001W Condenser Dryer.Intelligent sensors will be aware when the correct dryness level has been achieved and will stop the cycle, at that point.Not only does that save time and money, your garments won’t be over-dried. All programmes are accessed through a control dial, which provides a wealth of options.Make your clothes extra, iron or cupboard dry and activate time-saving options, with GentleCare and Baby Protect options for delicate and infant items respectively.Choose Express Super Short to dry shirts in 14 minutes. A freshen up function without hot air takes just 10 minutes, with other timed options taking 30 minutes and an hour.An automatic function can rotate the drum sparingly, for up to two hours after a programme has finished, to prevent creasing.The water generated by the condensation process may not necessarily need to be drained manually, either, through a hose that can be connected to a drain pipe.Should you choose otherwise, there’s also an indicator light when the tank is full, plus another for when the filter needs cleaning.The appliance is B rated for energy and condensation efficiency, with estimated annual consumption of 561 kWh and 4.75 kWh for a standard cotton programme at a full load.The noise level output of this model is 66 decibels, with an 8kg capacity that would best suit a medium-sized household.


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