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The fan in this Hotpoint Day 1 H8A1ESBWTD fridge freezer in agun metal colour provides a smooth and even flow of air in the fridge, for enhanced ventilation and stable temperature which helps keep your food fresher for longer.  It has a handy built in water dispenser which does not need to be plumbed in so you can use it to make ice cold drinks at the touch of a button.  Boasting an impressive total capacity of 334 litres, which is the same as 18 shopping bags of food, ideal for families..

The Multi-Use Drawer lets you easily choose the way you want to use the space inside your fridge for optimal storage conditions. Placed above the crisper the temperature is set to nearly 0°C, perfect for storing delicate foods such as meat or fish, or place in the middle shelf space where the 5°C temperature and higher humidity is perfect for storing fruit and veg.

The air circulating in the fridge compartment keeps the temperature stable and uniform, maintaining the right degree of humidity and preventing food from drying out.

The Chill Mode provides a constant, delicate chilled air-flow, to guarantee the ideal temperature for preserving fresh meat and fish, limiting microbial growth in the process.

Active Oxygen removes bad smells, such as strong cheeses, and keeps bacteria at bay to keep your food fresher for longer.

  • Dimensions (cm) – H189 x W60 x D66.8


  • Net Capacity of Fridge  (227Litres) and Freezer (104Litres)
  • Low Frost Technology –  Reducing Ice Formation
  • Storage period in event of power failure (hours) 24
  • Hygiene Protection
  • Non Plumbed Water Dispenser
  • Dimensions (cm) H189 x W60 x D67
  • 1 year labour and 10 year parts warranty