HOTPOINT HUI612P Electric Induction Cooker white Graded

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The Hotpoint HUI612P features an induction hob which directly heats the pan rather than the cooking surface. Capable of precise heating and capable of bringing water to the boil in seconds, induction hobs offer a fast, safe and accurate way to cook on the hob.

Four zones offer plenty of space for pots and pans while irregular sized cookware can be placed anywhere within the zone for complete coverage. Setting the perfect temperature is easy too thanks to touch controls.

Induction hobs are only compatible with ferrous metal pans, giving you the perfect opportunity to spruce up your kitchenware.

Twin ovens

Two individually operable ovens give you increased options when cooking, and with a combined capacity of 110 litres, offer all the room you need to cook complete family meals with ease.

The main oven is fan assisted for more even heat distribution, faster heat up and more efficient cool down, while the lower oven features conventional heating.

Both ovens feature Cool Touch triple glazed glass windows for safe, usable doors no matter how hot the inside is.

Easy to clean

Cleaning an induction hob is simple. As the surface of the hob never gets hot, food and grease never have the opportunity to burn on, letting you simply wipe the surface down when cooking’s finished.

You can even cook with a dry towel over the cooking zone to catch drips and spills.

The ovens feature catalytic liners to help make light of a job everyone hates. When the oven is heated above 200°C any spills, grease and fat oxidises, leaving you with little more to do than brush out the bottom of the cavity.

With plenty of cooking options and modern technology the Hotpoint HUI612P Electric Induction Cooker is perfect for any busy kitchen.

About Hotpoint and Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver and Hotpoint have joined forces to bring you cooking appliances that let you express yourself in the kitchen. Create the kind of dishes you love, for everyday meals or to entertain friends and family. Eat better and get more out of your food with Hotpoint’s user-friendly appliances


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