HOTPOINT SI4854PIX Electric Oven Pyro Cleaning Graded

£299.99 £219.95


Quicker cooking and better heat distribution with Multiflow technology

– Pyrolytic cleaning heats up the oven to burn off built-up fat and grease

– Intuitive electronic controls make operation simple

– Anti-fingerprint coating keeps your oven looking its best

– Quadruple-glazing keeps the oven door cool

Quicker cooking Cook your food faster, and to perfection with the Hotpoint Class 4 SI4 854 P IX Electric Oven. It has Multiflow technology that spreads heat flow into every inch of the oven cavity. There are no cool spots, which means food gets cooked to perfection no mattter where it is in the oven. The result is delicious dishes each time. It’s perfect for baking cakes, bread, and all your favourite recipes.

Pyrolytic cleaning

Easily keep your oven clean with the pyrolytic cleaning function. The door is safely locked and the oven heats up to 500°C to burn off any grease and fat, leaving behind a small pile of ash that can be simply wiped away. It costs just a few pence per cycle too, so it saves you money from buying expensive oven cleaners.

Electronic controls

Offering accurate time keeping and an easy to use minute minder for meals that need more precise timing, the electronic controls are an ideal tool to assist you when cooking.

Anti-fingerprint coating

The fingerprint resistant coating on the stainless steel finish keeps this electric oven looking as good as new.


Quadruple-glazing ensures the door is cool to the touch, keeping you safe from burns when curious hands touch the door.

About Hotpoint and Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver and Hotpoint have joined forces to bring you cooking appliances that let you express yourself in the kitchen. Create the kind of dishes you love, for everyday meals or to entertain friends and family. Eat better and get more out of your food with Hotpoint’s user-friendly appliances


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