Hotpoint XUL8T2ZXOV Fridge Freezer 60cm Frost Free Graded


Hotpoint XUL8T2ZXOV Fridge Freezer 60cm Frost Free Graded


Give your food the care it deserves with Hotpoint Day 1 XUL8 T2Z XOV.1 Fridge Freezer, Pairing the very best of Jamie Oliver’s home-cooking philosophy with Hotpoint’s every day, innovative products, our partnership is designed to help us all take care of the people we love through the joy of food.
Keep your food fresher for longer with Active Oxygen Technology, removing bad smells, such as strong cheeses, and keeping bacteria at bay to keep your food fresher for longer, alongside precise and stable temperature control to preserve fresh food with Precision Temperature Control.
Cool hot food down from 70°C to 3°C extra-fast with a blast of cool air in the 3in1 Zone. Alternatively, gently defrost food, protecting its taste and texture, or even chill food just above freezing temperature, ideal for storing fresh meat and fish.
The Hotpoint Day 1 Model also features Frost Free technology, stopping the build-up of ice, so you’ll never need to defrost your appliance again.

Total No Frost
The innovative technology that helps maintain constant temperature control and delivering the best temperature recovery, for an excellent food preservation

3in1 Zone
One drawer, three functions, extending the freshness of your food.
SuperCool+ drops food temperature from 70°C to 3°C quickly. Perfect for cooling freshly prepared dishes or left-overs. Chill Mode provides a constant, delicate chilled air-flow, to guarantee the ideal temperature for preserving fresh meat and fish, limiting microbial growth in the process. Lastly, Safe Defrost uses controlled low temperatures of around 0°C to discourage bacteria growth and protects tissue integrity in delicate food stuffs such as white fish.

Key Features

  • 3in1 Drawer can be set 1 of 3 ways:
    SuperCool+ rapidly cools the food
    Chill Mode gives a constant air-flow to create the ideal conditions
    Safe Defrost keeps the temperature around zero degrees to discourage bacteria growth
  • LED lighting provides brilliant illumination, use far less energy and produce far less heat than any previous type of bulb
  • Multi-airflow cooling
  • 338 Litres of usable space, 234 litres in the fridge and 104 litres in the freezer
  • Frost free so you never need to defrost ever again
  • 60/40 Split with reversible door hinges
  • A++ Energy rating to save you money on your bills
  • 1 year labour and 10 year parts warranty for peace of mind
  • Dimensions (mm): H1890 x W600 x D720
  • 3 Fridge shelves, 1 FreshCrisper fruit and veg drawer, 1 3IN1 drawer, 3 freezer drawers, 1 wine rack