Indesit Ecotime IWE 71682W ECO Washing Machine in White New

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“Make quick work of the laundry pile with the Indesit EcoTime IWE 7 1682W ECO Washing Machine in white. Combining 7kg capacity, 1600rpm and specialist wash programs for your hardest working fabrics. Offering clever ways to save water and money, Water Balance Technology adapts the amount of water used based on the cycle’s needs so it’s good news for your bills. Tackling hardy fabrics, jeans receive a dedicated cycle which puts the wash between their strong denim fibres to life out marks and stains. Similarly the special Sports Cycle uses a combination of drum rotations and water saturation to remove the most common sports-based dirt and odours which preserving technical fabrics such as waterproofs and Gortex. Complemented by a Shoes cycle, your trainers have their freshness restored and their like-new appeal replenished, putting you on track for the next workout. Easily operated through the Big Digital display, the Indesit EcoTime IWE 7 1682W ECO Washing Machine is essential kit for every household on the go, with a Delay Timer to suit your lifestyle, and an A++ energy rating to suit your bills. The Cotton 60 programme provides great washing results for your cotton items at 60°.

Cotton 40
Cotton 40The Cotton 40 programme is specifically designed to provide extra care for your cotton items while removing stains at 40°.

Water Balance Plus
Water Balance PlusBy adapting the amount of water used according to the cycle’s need, there’s minimal wastage which helps save money on your bills.

Shoe Sport
Shoe SportA dedicated cycle that’s perfect for washing your sports shoe, removing odours and sweat whilst protecting your footwear’s shape.

BabyA safe, effective, gentle wash for your precious baby’s items, it work wonders on dried stains whilst removing common allergens.


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