INDESIT IS5G4PHSS 50cm Duel Fuel Cooker Graded


INDESIT IS5G4PHSS 50cm Duel Fuel Cooker Graded


‘- Dual fuel for flexible cooking

– Environmentally friendly cleaning with Eco Clean steam cycle

– Keep the kitchen tidy with the handy storage compartment

Dual fuel for flexible cooking

Get the flexibility of both electricity and gas to suit your cooking style with the Indesit IS5G4PHSS 50 cm Duel Fuel Cooker. While the electric oven ensures even temperatures when cooking, the gas hob allows for fast heat control while frying up a quick dinner.

The 61 litre capacity oven holds all the space needed for cooking larger meals, whether it’s a Sunday roast or a cheesecake for dessert.

Environmentally friendly cleaning

Great for your pocket and the environment, the Indesit IS5G4PHSS has an eco steam cleaning cycle so you can avoid using expensive and harmful chemical detergents to clean your oven. By steam cleaning at 90°C for 35 minutes, you still get the same sparkling result while using less energy.

For when you want to give your oven that extra deep clean, the glass doors are easily removed with a simple click for easy access.

Keep the kitchen tidy

Small kitchen and not enough cupboards? No problem. With the storage compartment located underneath the oven, you can store away dishes and pans that would otherwise clutter your kitchen counters.