Stoves Sterling S1000DF Stainless Steel 100cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker




– Multifunction oven provides endless cooking options

– Titan Tall fanned oven spreads the heat evenly through the oven

– 7-burner hob can cook lots of food quickly

– Maxi grill has all the space you need for whatever you want to cook

Multifunction oven

Indulge in every kind of cooking. Whether you want to try making pizza or proving bread, the Stoves Sterling S1000DF SS 100 cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker has a function to help you out.

Titan Tall fanned oven

The Equiflow fans distribute heat evenly throughout the ovens, so you don’t get some shelves getting warmer than others within the same oven. Now you can do batch baking without having to swap baking trays around inside the oven.

7-burner hob

With the seven-burner hob there’s room for lots of pots and pans, so you can get the whole dinner cooking at the same time. The Stoves Sterling S1000DFSS Range Cooker has one-handed ignition to make things a little easier when you’ve got lots on the go at once.

Maxi grill

The integrated grills make the most of the large cooking area within the Stoves Sterling S1000DF SS. Whether you’ve got a big family, or you’re just really hungry, you can get plenty of food grilling away without running out of space.