​​​​​The Teknix CH4W is a freestanding chest freezer for those who need plenty of freezer space.

It measures 85cm in height, 56.4cm wide and is 52.3cm deep. This makes it the perfect height for standing next to a worktop and providing a bit of extra space.

A chest freezer is fantastic for those who want to store bulkier items.

There are plenty of benefits to having a chest freezer.

They have 20% more usable space than an upright freezer, simply because the baskets aren’t taking up the space.

But that’s not to say you will be leaning into the Teknix freestanding chest freezer, as it comes with a top basket for all your favourite foods. Just pop the foods in there that you use the most frequently and save yourself from having to rummage around.

Chest freezers are more economical and efficient than upright freezers, too. The air doesn’t circulate as much in a chest freezer, meaning the temperature stays more consistent and the freezer doesn’t use as much energy. This freestanding chest freezer is rated A+ on efficiency.

The Teknix CH4w has a fast freeze function which means your food freezes faster.  This can help to preserve more nutrients in the food and allow it to retain its texture. Some foods, such as bread can lose the original texture when they are frozen. Fast freeze prevents that happening.

We are so confident in the quality of this freestanding chest freezer that it comes with a 2-year guarantee


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