Whirlpool Absolute GMA 6422/IX 4 Gas Hob

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The Whirlpool, GMA6422/IX, is the perfect gas hob offering fabulous quality at an affordable price. Featuring a total of 4 different sized burners, including a handy crown wok burner, provides the flexibility you need when cooking your favourite meals.

The cast iron pan supports ensures a safe cooking environment in the kitchen, while all the controls are at the front to safely operate the hob.

The innovative technology from Whirlpool also helps to reduce cooking time. Through maximising the energy generated by the hob burners, more heat is delivered directly to your pans. This contributes to faster boiling times, so you get to enjoy your tastier meals sooner while being more efficient.

The hob is finished in stainless steel while the measurements are 41mm (Height) x 590mm (Width) x 510mm (Depth).


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