Zanussi Heat Pump A+ Condensor Dryer




*Actual saving £69.33 Energy saving based on: A+ Rated Zanussi 8kg heat pump ZDH8333W (1.92 kWh per cycle) vs. C Rated 8kg condenser (5.12 kWh per cycle)160 cycles per year. Average UK kWh cost 13.52p (Energy Saving Trust, Dec 2013).

No one likes piles of damp laundry hanging around the house. The ZDH8333P tumble dryer can quickly and simply dry all your laundry so you can pop everything straight into the wardrobe. It has super-efficient heat pump technology and sensor drying options.

Spacious, Flexible and Efficient

A huge 8 kg capacity makes this the perfect appliance for families. Never again will you have to worry about whether the kids’ school uniforms will be ready the next day.

As a condenser tumble dryer, the ZDH8333P gives you greater flexibility as the appliance doesn’t need a wall vent or open window to expel moist air. Instead, the moisture is gathered in a container which you simply empty after a cycle.

Zanussi have also equipped the dryer with heat pump technology, dramatically improving its energy efficiency. The pump reheats the air inside the tumble dryer, meaning there is far less wastage than in other condenser dryers, using up to 50% less energy.

This has helped the ZDH8333P obtain an A+ energy efficiency rating. This means that, against lower rated models, you will save money and reduce your impact on the environment.


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