Zanussi ZEL6640FBV 60Cm Built In Induction Hob

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Spend less time waiting with Zanussi’s ZEL6640FBV induction hob. It provides lightning fast heat, so tea’s ready before you know it.
The Future of Cooking

Induction cooking is nearly twice as fast as using gas. By heating the base of your cookware directly using the latest magnetic field technology, your pan will boil straight away. That means less time waiting for dinner and more time relaxing. There’s even a Power Boost function if you’re in a real hurry.

The ZEL6640FBV will also take you from simmering to boiling – and back again – in a flash. Enjoy more precision and better results every mealtime.
Four Zone Flexibility

This model has four cooking zones, with three different power levels. Gently warm a sauce while rapidly boiling a big pan of pasta – multitasking has never been so easy.

Touch controls let you tweak the temperature of each pan effortlessly. They’re situated at the front right of the cooking surface, so you won’t burn yourself trying to turn the heat down.
Safer Living

With an induction hob, the surface doesn’t get anywhere near as hot as ceramic, electric plate or gas models. While you’ll still get some heat transfer from the pan, they’re cooler and safer to touch much sooner after cooking. For extra peace of mind, Zanussi have included a residual heat indicator to let you know when to avoid the surface.

There’s also a child lock function to prevent the little ones turning the hob on.
Handy Features

With a built-in timer function, you’ll never have to eat soggy vegetables again.

The smooth cooking surface makes the ZEL6640FBV really easy to clean. Induction technology means spillages won’t burn onto the surface, while touch controls mean there aren’t any buttons or dials where food can get trapped.


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