ZANUSSI ZOF35661XK Built Under Electric Double Oven – Stainless Steel Graded

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 Multiplus oven gives you even cooking every time
Set & go function saves you time and effort
The double oven gives you more flexibility for larger meals
Defrost function for when you’re short on time

Multiplus oven

Consistent heat distribution from the Zanussi ZOF35661XK Electric Double Oven ensures that your food is cooked evenly and thoroughly. Ideal for cooks of all levels, you can cook multiple ingredients on several levels at once.

Set & go function

The set & go function allows you to pre-programme the cooking time. It automatically turns the Zanussi ZOF35661XK Electric Double Oven off once it has finished, so you can get on with other things whilst your dishes cook.

Double oven

The double oven is perfect for multifaceted cooking, ideal for when you need to bake and grill simultaneously. It gives you the versatility to cook larger meals.

Defrost function

Defrost frozen leftovers safely and to perfection with the defrost setting. Great for those who cook larger portions to enjoy later in the week.